Online iPhone Repairing Course

Welcome to Online iPhone Repairing course we have 50+ lessons + Live Support

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Welcome to Online iPhone Repairing course we have 50+ lessons + Live Support

Chapter-1 HOW to Install & Uninstall WIFI  29:57
Chapter-2 I Phone Base Band Issue Resolved 24:19
Chapter-3 Touch Ic Replacement- i phone 16:28
Chapter-4 How to Remove and Fix nand IC phone 13:58
Chapter-5 how to make nand skin live-Video 12:26
Chapter-6 Nand Ic sidetrack recover I phone 6 15:34
Chapter-7 How to Replace baseband power management 10:17
Chapter-7A How to Replace base band power management 10:16
Chapter-8 Touch And LCD Connector Replace Safeway I Phone 6 28:33
Chapter-9 Power Ic Replace I Phone 6 24:07
Chapter-10 How to replace USB Ic I Phone 6 15:47
Chapter-11 How to replace Plastic Connector I Phone 6  20:20
Chapter-12 How to make Screw Holes I Phone 6 38:36
Chapter- 13 How to replace Light Section I Phone 6 22:25
Chapter-14 Live A 8 CPU I Phone 6 1:29:25
Chapter-17 How to replace Sim Try I Phone 6 19:20
Chapter-18 How to remove Crystal Ic iPhone 6 22:37
Chapter-19 Re-Install PCIE Alive iPhone 8-Video 19 28:20
Chapter-20 Power Ic Change Safe Way I Phone 8 21:21
Chapter-21 How to replace Charging Ic I Phone 8 17:18
Chapter-22 How To Replace Audio Ic-1m4v i phone 11:54
Chapter-23 How To Replace WTR I Phone 8-1m4v i phone 10:30
Chapter-24 How To Replace BBPM I Phone-Video 24 14:42
Chapter-25 How to Replace USB Ic I Phone 7:37
Chapter-26  I Phone 6S How to replace Wifi I Phone 21:56
Chapter-27 How to Replace USB ic I Phone 6S Usb Ic 10:46
Chapter-28 How to Replace BBPM 1 I Phone 11:20
Chapter-29 How to replace Charging IC 9:23
Chapter-30 How to replace Nand I Phone 29:21
Chapter-31 How to replace Power Ic- 32:27
Chapter-32 How to Replace Wi Fi Ic I Phone 33:25
Chapter-33 How to replace Baseband I Phone 37:47
Chapter-34 How To Replace Audio IC I Phone 35:46
Chapter-35 How to replace I Phone 7 Baseband P.M 9:14
Chapter-36 How To Replace WTR I Phone 11:43
Chapter-37 How to fix USB Ic I Phone 9:07
Chapter-38 How to remove and fix Audio Amplifier Common I Phone 7:46
Chapter-39 How to replace charging IC I Phone 7,7Plus Charging Ic I Phone 7:51
Chapter-40 How Replace Light IC 7:44
Chapter- 41 I Phone 8 CPU Alive 59:31
Chapter-42 How To Replace Small Connector I Phone 14:53
Chapter-43 How to reinstall Live Cpu I Phone X-1 54:38
Chapter-44 How To Destroy Connector Common 21:37
Chapter- 45 How to replace power IC I Phone 7 7 + Power Ic I Phone 46:15
Chapter-46 I Phone X Middle Layer And Upper Layer I Phone 37:39
Chapter-47 How to replace Wi-Fi Ic 17:20
And many more………

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